Digital Custom T shirt printing Singapore on white or light color t-shirts!!

Digital T-shirt printing refers to the graphic or text designing over the t-shirts. With the use of an inkjet or printer, the design is created as per the people’s specifications. Some tips are followed to get style and design at while or light-colored custom t-shirts. For custom T shirt printing Singaporethe process starts with a particular paper coated with composition to apply at t-shirts.

Two types of papers are available separately for light-colored and white custom t-shirts. For darker colors, there is a different paper that offers the perfect design. The application of the paper at the custom t-shirts is made with an industrial heat process. The combination of the expertise and the right heat delivers practical benefits to the people.

Numerous advantages of digital custom T-shirt printing in Singapore

  • Unique and simple designs – One of the best benefits of digital T shirt printing Singapore is a unique and simple style. The method delivers perfection in print at the custom t-shirts. The process can be carried whenever the people want it. The requirement of t-shirts is less in screen printing top do the process. At the same time, digital printing will go over the style and print at numerous shirts to use as a promotional product. 
  • Full-color printing over the custom t-shirts – Since the use of inkjet is made for the printing; the advantage of full-color printing over a white t-shirt is there. The photos and graphics are filled with different and combinations of colors to offer an impressive look. The blending of the colors for digital printing over white custom t-shirts will deliver effective results. The use of the printer is made with intelligence.
  • No requirement of the setup for printing – Unlike the screen printing, no configuration is required for digital printing over the custom t-shirts. The creation of the image and print is needed to be printed on the t-shirt. The size of the paper is required to be compatible with the cloth. The people can mirror or flip the print whenever there is a need. Once the paper is set, then a click can be made at the print and press option. 
  • Personalization over the custom t-shirts – The T shirt printing Singapore will allow the people to personalize the product according to the requirement. The use of the colored printed white custom t-shirt can be made in the wedding and special occasion. Digital printing can be done for different people to wear on different occasions. The business people can personalize the shirts for work as a promotional tool. 

However, the most significant disadvantage of digital T shirt printing Singapore is no availability of white ink, and it is still useful. The printing of the white and light-colored custom t-shirts methods allows flexibility and less cost. Multiple colors and personalization are available at lower rates. In this way, digital printing plays a vital role in print over white or light-colored custom t-shirts.